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Every year I create a small collection of special one-of-a-kind festive fairies. Each one is dressed in a beautiful gown fashioned from exquisite antique/vintage lace or preloved textile fragments and adorned in suitable tiny treasures, such as salvaged beadwork, jewellery, buttons, millinery flowers or charms, which I will have spent all year sourcing. These lovingly handmade fairy folk, with their unique look and collectability, become keepsakes to cherish and enjoy year after year.

Having sold my handmade items online for many years, I now prefer to offer them for sale at quality fairs, primarily in the South West of England. The thrill for me to see another fairy find a home with someone who wishes to treasure them, is both humbling and a joy!

As well as my fairies and angels, the displays on my stall always include many other, ever-changing decorative pieces, which I design as I go along, depending what I have unearthed on my frequent forays to flea markets and fairs. Antique ephemera items are a favourite and I have worked on many precious altered books and distinctive greetings cards, where I repurpose these genuine pieces, rather than relying on generic ‘printables’. Other times I will enjoy the challenge of finding a new use for an old wooden spoon, a rusty French key, tarnished cookie cutters or that other dusty trinket to find its way into a box under the table at fairs, to be overlooked by many, but to me are a prize!

At other times during the year I attend Antique Textile and Vintage events, where I sell-on some of the items I have collected, surplus to my requirements. No matter how hard I might try, I can’t keep it all. The ‘fairs’ page is regularly updated with the upcoming events I will be attending – I hope to see you at some of them!